Watermelon Lemonade

Saturday, May 11, 2013

This post is a little late as the temprature in Bangalore has come down considerable thanks to the Pre Monsoon showers since a couple of days. But a tall glass of juice is always welcome isn't it?

Summer means Mangoes, Watermelons, Chilled Lassi & lots of sweat nevertheless fun


We mostly eat watermelon as it is. Straight out of the fridge chopped into cubes & sprinkled with chaat masala. Offlate I started making juicing watermelon for Baby K & he loves it. And this is this summery drink was born

How To:

Watermelon Lemonade | Ingredients

Juice watermelon in a juicer/blender. Strain to remove pulp.
Combine the rest of the ingredients except mint in a blender along with watermelon juice.
Pour into tall glasses. Garnish with fresh mint & serve chilled

Watermelon Lemonade

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