Mexifornia @ California Pizza Kitchen

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is now in India. I was sad to have missed their launch a few months ago as I was busy with Baby K but this Mexifornian Food Festival more than made it up for it.
CPK is having a Mexican Food Festival with a Californian Twist called Mexifornia. What a lovely name isn't it? The festival starts on Apr 29 & will be there across all their outlets in India & will end on May 19. I was so so thrilled to be a part of it. I opted for an all Vegetarian Meal & I wasn't dissappointed.
We started our Mexifornian journey with Paneer Enchiladas. They were baked with Cheddar & Fortina Cheese & delicately seasoned with Cumin, Paprika & hand torn cilantro.
Then came the delicious Vegetarian Baja Pizza. This Pizza was definitely the highlight for me. It was a thin crust pizza topped with Mozzarella Cheese, black beans. sliced mushrooms & roasted corn. what I loved about this pizza was that unlike the regular on es, this wasn't overloaded with cheese. Also, I loved the flavor of hand torn cilantro & creme fraiche.The Orange sauce that came along with it had a lovely burst of flavors. I ate one large pizza all by myslef, It was THAT delicious
There were Tacos with mexican rice But this wasn't personally my favorite. The chipotle slaw was amazing but this had paneer too & I thought it didn't go too well with tacos. A different vegetraian filling would definitely have been better The Mexican Rice that came along with had a nice lemony flavour & it was just perfect.
We finally ended our meal with som Churros & dark chocolate Mousse. The Mousse was out of the world & we licked our plates clean. We also had some lovely mocktails to go along with it.

There were some refreshing cocktails to give us company throughout our meal. I loved the Cranberry Mist which is a blend of cranberry juice and lime juice topped with soda. The slight tint of lime was lovely. Just the kind of drink I needed for Bangalore Summer
We also got to peek into their kitchen & the chef was very courteous to show us how he made Pizzas. It was a very enjoyable experience overall.

I am definitely going back for the very delicious Baja Pizza & Dark Chocolate Mousse. Yumm De Yumm

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