Sundried Orange Peel & Cinnamon Infused Chai

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's raining Oranges everywhere & we are enjoying every bit of it. Have I told you before that Orange is my
favorite fruit & I can eat upto almost a dozen oranges in a day ?? Really, I am not kidding .. 

Loads of Oranges means, loads of Orange Peel as well. I normally Sun dry orange peel & store it in an airtight jar & use it for my cooking. It can be used in soups, stews, infusions & in our Good old Masala Chai as well ..

Orange Peel

How To Sun Dry Orange Peel:

  • Tear orange peel into tiny pieces. Arrange them on a tray & dry them in the sun, covered with a mesh for about 2-3 days. Store them in air-tight jars. You can even store them in the powdered form
  • You can also dry them in the oven .. But when you have some good sun, why would you need an oven, right?? Go Make full use of the sun

Now that I have plenty of sun dried Orange peel, thanks to my Orange eating spree, I have been making Orange peel infused Masala Chai lately. And, it is making my mornings, just lovely.

Sun Dried Orange Peel & Cinnamon Infused Chai

Looks lovely, Isn't it?? The idea is let the flavor of Orange peel rule .. So, I just added a hint of cinnamon, because the citrusy flavor of orange peel & cinnamon go very well together.

Here's How to Make a citrusy Masala Chai

In case you are wondering whether, boiling orange peel along with water & milk, makes the tea bitter & causes milk to split, Do Not worry, It does not .. Go Ahead, Make yourself a cuppa & let me know, if you enjoyed the goodness of fresh citrusy flavours in your chai .. Enjoi !!!

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