Hurali Saaru | Horse Gram Rasam - A Guest Post for Just Home Made

Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been visiting Just Home Made for quite a while & the recipes & beautiful photographs there have never ceased to amaze me .. I was thrilled to bits, when Radhika - The author & the photographer behind, Just Home Made, invited me to do a Guest Post .. Believe me, it couldn't have got more exciting than this ..

There are very few blogs, that entice you with beautiful writing & rich photography .. Just Home Made is one such. Its a pleasure to be writing for you, Radhika ..

Hurali Saaru - Horse Gram Rasam

Radhika asked me to pick a childhood favorite recipe & I just had to chose Hurali Saaru - Horse Gram Rasam as it is family favorite & since its winter here, I couldn't have got a better excuse to make this one.

So just Hop to Just Home Made & take a look yourself. Also, follow Radhika's Blog on Facebook & Twitter

Hope all of you enjoy reading this post ...

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