Little Millet Pulao

Monday, September 07, 2015

The other day I was telling my grandmother, how Millets have become the latest  health fad these days. And, she was not surprised because Millets were widely consumed in the older days especially in South India. Wheat was not so widely consumed in Southern part of India back then. They were mainly Rice eaters & Finger Millet (Ragi) , Foxtail Millet (Navane) & even Little Millet ( Saame ) were consumed quite frequently. And they had never heard of Gluten Free Diet :)

Little Millet Pulao

As times changed, people got used to processed food, Polished Rice got popular & slowly Millets were forgotten. Foxtail Millet & Little Millets became more popular as 'Bird Food'. Though Finger Millet (Ragi/Nachni) is very widely used in Karnataka, the other Millets somehow were less used.

Now Millets are back in limelight because they are Gluten Free & they have a low Glycemic Index. You will now find all varieties of Millets on the Supermarket Shelf & it is hailed as a Super food .. Back to Basics I must say

Millets can be cooked just like rice & eaten alongwith with Dal/Rasam/Sambhar or you can even make Upma, Pulao or Khichdi out of it. My Grandmother says that Millet Rotis were frequently made during the olden days, Apart from Ragi, even Little Millet & Pearl Millet (Sajje) were ground into flour & were used to make Rotis

I made a very easy peasy Pulao using Little Millet. I had a bit of Mung Sprouts & very conveniently used the store bought Pulao Masala & this dish was ready in about 20 minutes or so. Millets cook very fast so its falls under your 'under 20 minutes' dishes caterory

Millet Pulao

How To:

Wash Millet & pressure cook using 1:1 ratio. Once the pressure is released, allow it to cool & set aside.

In a heavy bottomed Kadhai, Heat oil/Ghee. Splutter cumin seeds. Add the green chilli & ginger garlic paste & saute on low flame just for about 10 seconds, Add the chopped onions & a pinch of salt & turmeric, Saute until it turns pink. Add in the tomatoes and mix well

Add the Pulao Masala & cook on medium flame until the tomatoes are soft. Add diced bell peppers & Mung Sprouts & mix well. cook for about 3-4 minutes until they are cooked & firm,

Add the Millet & some salt & give it a good mix. Turn off the flame. Garnish with chopped Mint

Serve with a Raita of your choice & you are good to go 

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