Mung Sprouts & Pomegranate Kosambari

Monday, June 15, 2015

Kosambari is a fresh Raw Salad served as a part of the Traditional Kannada Meal. It is usually made using soaked & drained Mung or Chana Dal with fresh diced cucumbers or grated carrots with a generous dose of fresh coconut.  A meal served on a plantain leaf during weddings/festival or other auspicious occasions will always consist of 2 types of Kosambari, 2 types of Vegetable stir fries along with other yummy goodies. 


Kosambari is also made using Mung Sprouts, Roasted Grounds & even Sweet Corn. This Mung Sprouts Kosambari has just 4 ingredients & is very easy to put together. I make Kosambari quite often for its high protein content. If you are a health freak & want options for a high protein vegetarian meal, this makes a great option. 

Mung Sprouts Kosambari Ingredients

How To:

In a wide bowl, add all the ingredients in the list. Give it a good mix & serve. I sometimes add a Tadka/Tempering of mustard seeds & curry leaves. Its optional though.

I sometimes replace Pomegranate with grated carrots or boiled Sweet corn kernels.

You can use store bought Sprouts or make them at home. To make Sprouts at home, do follow This Post for detailed instructions.

It makes a great evening snack for kids. Not too heavy on the stomach but nutritious enough to keep them going till dinner time 

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