A little bit of this & a little bit of that & a whole lot of Deliciousness @ Au Bon Pain

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Whenever I would pass through the traffic in Jayanagar 3rd block, I would always notice this cosy cafe at the Cloud 9 hospital & would make a mental note to visit it in leisure. For some reason the visit never happened & maybe I would have put it off for a few more days, if I wouldn't have received an invite to visit Au Bon Pain's brand new outlet in Koramangala. SO, On a cloudy saturday afternoon, I set out to lunch @ Au Bon Pain along with my husband, Shankar

Au Bon Pain literally means, the place of good bread in French. But Hey, don't mistake this for a French cafe. It is actually an international chain with a French Heritage where you get loads of yummy stuff. The place looks lovely with its bright yellow & white interiors & was buzzing with activities which kind of gives you a peppy feeling.

Au Bon Pain
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The menu includes everything from Sandwiches to soups to salads, to desserts & delicious bakery products. We started off with a vegetarian soup & a couscous salad. The soup was spicy & was perfect for the Bangalore weather. I picked a Jalapeno & corn panini which was delicious while Shankar chose a panini with mediterreanean Hummus & olives which wasn't that impressive. Alongwith these, we alose had some Veg Puffs, Cinnamon Rolls & Croissants which were just perfect.

We ended our meal with a fruit bowl & some chocolate mousse. Apart from these, Au Bon Pain also serves yummy Bagles, Muffins, Brownies, Cakes & Guess what?? Dal, Biryani & curry too to satiate your Indian taste buds,

And yes, I couldn't stop drinking  their Cappuccino. It was Fab & I ordered a 'To Go' as well  .. I took home a crusty Baguette which was very good. So those of you looking for good French bread Au Bon Pain is the place to go


Au Bon Pain is definitely a place to visit especially if you are looking for something quick, light & healthy. None of the dishes I oredered were heavy & greasy & I definiteky was very happy about it. I only wished the place was roomy enough to accomodate more people as it can get quite crowded in the afternoons .. Nevertheless, the food is the main highlight ..  And, it was ... Awesome

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