Tomato Chilli

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I hope you didn't come here thinking about a spicy tomato based recipe. Because, I don't have any recipe for today. All I have are some pictures of Tomato Chillies.

Tomato Chilli 1

These chillies look super cute & are mostly used for tempering Dals & other dishes. They are round shaped & almost look like cherry tomatoes. hence, the name I guess ..  I don't think they taste any different though. I don't remember where I saw them for the 1st time, but ever since they caught my fancy, I wanted to buy some.

The other day, I went to an excellent Gourmet Spice store & I noticed these cute chillies. I got a small packet home. You know why a food blogger, who takes pictures of anything edible would buy it right ??

Here's another look, if You'd like to ....

Tomato Chilli 2

Have a super HOT fiery day !!!  ... See you with a recipe soon ...

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