South Indies - A Series on South Indian Cuisine

Friday, April 10, 2009

This year around, I plan to start a series on South Indian Cuisine. Why South Indian ?? In my opinion, South Indian Cuisine is quite an under-rated one. I often meet people who think South Indian food is all about Idli, Dosa & Sambar. Surprisingly, South Indian cuisine has much more to it than these obvious ones, Apparently, it is among the world's richest & most varied cuisine.

I am from the South & I love my roots. Ever since I entered into the blogging world, I have always wanted to showcase South Indian Cuisine in a way appealing to the rest of the world. I was really really inspired by this upscale restaurant in Bangalore, called South Indies which serves exotic vegetarian South Indian cuisine in a contemporary style. I was very impressed with the food there, & What I really loved was the concept behind it.

Since there are a very few attempts made to showcase South Indian cuisine on the same pedestal as North Indian food or probably Punjabi cuisine, here's my attempt attempt to do the same in my own small way & a sincere one at that

South Indian cuisine is distinguished by greater emphasis on rice, which is a staple grain, ubiquity of sambar & Rasam, liberal use of coconut, tamarind, & curry leaves.

Even though, coconut, red chillies, tamarind & jaggery are the most commonly used ingredients across the 4 states, each of them have their distinct tastes & methods of cooking. I will be showcasing recipes from 4 beautiful Southern States,

-- Andhra Pradesh -- Karnataka -- Kerala -- Tamil Nadu

This is NOT an event per se, but will be featured as a regular series. I look forward to recipes, ideas & contributions from my blogger friends & other readers as well. I will hand pick a recipe, either my own or from contributions sent & will feature it every fortnight/month depending on the response.

I do hope, many of my non-South Indian readers will be inspired to cook some real nice recipes, South Indian Cuisine offers.

Mail your recipes/ideas/suggestions to

Stay tuned for a cuilnary journey, Southwards . . .

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