ME ME Time Again !!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Priti from IndianKhana has tagged me with a MEME .. I was thrilled because, I like talking about myself. Who does not huh??

I was asked to list 7 facts about myself & after a bit of thinking,I have come up with my list.

Here it goes :

I am a BIG Foodie. I guess the very existence of this blog explains it all. I love anything to do with food, be it Cooking or Eating.

I love Chocolates !! Infact I am crazy about them. I can have anything that has chocolate flavor like ice creams/milk shakes/ fudges or just anything .. But I totally dislike White chocolates.

I am extremely short tempered & I am known for speaking whatever that comes to my mind first. And, I am making a sincere effort to cut down on that after my marriage. I really do appreciate my husband for being patient with me.

I am crazy about Sunglasses & Ear rings. Every time I go shopping I never miss an opportunity to have a look at shades & ear rings. I have matching ear rings to go with almost any dress I wear from sarees to skirts to denims .

I am a fitness freak. Not that I have a gorgeous figure. I always worry about not exercising regularly & putting on weight.

My alarm is always set to 5:50 AM even on holidays. Whether I wake up or not is a different issue altogether. My entire family is annoyed with this habit of mine.

I love talking to people. I can have telephonic conversations with my mom & my friends for hours at length.

I would like to tag

  • Sujatha
  • Jayashree
  • Usha
  • Raaji
  • Laavanya
  • Madhavi

Thanks Priti . . .

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